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‘Civilization has no place for drones’

So wrote Joel Andreas, associate professor of sociology at the Johns Hopkins University, in the Baltimore Sun, 2013. President Obama met President Castro in Panama on April 11th and pledged to develop a new relationship between the two countries, adding … Continue reading

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United Nations special investigation into drone strikes and targeted killings

CNN updates January reports of a United Nations special investigation which will examine drone strikes and targeted killings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It will be prepared for the U.N. General Assembly by British lawyer Ben Emmerson, the United … Continue reading

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UN special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism to investigate civilian drone strike casualties

A link from The Brummie led to this information from Al Jazeera: The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has launched an investigation into drone strikes and will review resultant civilian casualties to determine whether the attacks … Continue reading

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Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister, Zhao Qizheng, says that drone attacks are a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty

Yesterday in Pakistan’s The Nation newspaper commented – as the two main contenders for the White House assure the electorate that they would intensify drone attacks in the tribal region of Pakistan, if elected – that it is refreshing to … Continue reading

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