Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister, Zhao Qizheng, says that drone attacks are a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty

Yesterday in Pakistan’s The Nation newspaper commented – as the two main contenders for the White House assure the electorate that they would intensify drone attacks in the tribal region of Pakistan, if elected – that it is refreshing to hear China reiterating support for the call to put an end to them.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Zhao Qizheng addressed a joint press conference with Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Haji Muhammad Adeel at Islamabad on Monday. Mr Zhao said that these air raids were a violation of sovereignty.

A self-defeating exercise

The Nation reflects that attack drones lead even the most peaceful of Pashtuns to militant action to avenge the loss of their kith and kin during the ‘merciless sorties’ of these pilot-less planes. Pakistanis, like Americans have a fierce pride in their nation and a strong sense of family values.

It expressed the hope that the US Ambassador-designate to Pakistan, Richard Olson, will now soon grasp the point that the Pakistani people are against drone strikes not only because they violate their sovereignty, but also because mistargeting is resulting in the loss of innocent lives.

Pakistan has repeatedly called for an end to drone attacks, terming them counter-productive in the fight against militancy, and has urged that alternative solutions be found. The US, however, has continued its drone war against militants like the Haqqani Network, taking shelter in the restive tribal region of North Waziristan.

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