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The real enemies are upon us: big armies will hinder, not help: Denise Garcia

Ben Chacko describes Britain’s arms manufacturers exports, especially to war zones, as ‘the gift that keeps on giving’. An elderly Ukrainian woman looks on after Russian shelling in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, Wednesday, June 29, 2022 The top 100 arms companies continue … Continue reading

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Medical research adds reports of Gazans living with injuries from explosives – some delivered by air – to the ‘defence’ toll

Sarah Wilkinson and Milly Arnott, who had friends in Palestine, were charged with criminal damage to the UAV Engines factory of Israeli-owned Elbit Systems in Shenstone and found not guilty. Judge Marcus Waites said the defendants believed Palestine was an … Continue reading

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The May airstrike demolishing Gaza’s al-Jalaa building will be investigated by the ICC

On 3 March 2021, the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor announced the opening of a formal investigation into alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories in the state of Palestine. The Middle East Monitor (MEM)  thinks that the ICC decision gives some … Continue reading

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Airstrike was a “tragic mistake”: Gen. Frank McKenzie (US Central Command)

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said in a statement late Friday that the United States will make “condolence payments” to families of Afghan civilians killed by mistake in U.S. drone strike on August 29. File photo courtesy the U.S. Department of … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Could Pakistani drones hit the Panjshir Valley?

  A reader in Wales drew attention to this BBC article Claims have emerged that in recent days Pakistani drones have been used to help the Taliban, by targeting anti-Taliban positions. One of the sources was an Afghan journalist, Tajuddin … Continue reading

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Growing opposition to the allied airstrikes in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq

The UK is supporting US airstrikes in Yemen, Syria and Iraq which are killing civilians. The Saudi-led coalition appears to be responsible for 67% of reported civilian casualties in the war in Yemen. ReliefWeb reports that Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, assisted by … Continue reading

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Britain’s shame: supplying components enabling Turkey to bomb its own citizens


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Israeli air strikes on eastern Syria add 57 to the 380,000+ killed during the Syrian conflict

An article released by Agence France-Presse in Beirut and circulated to the world-wide media earlier this montd, said that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that Israeli air strikes on eastern Syria killed 57 Syrian army forces and allied Iran-backed fighters. … Continue reading

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Seek accountability for the deaths of the innocent men, women and children unwittingly caught up in wars the west has chosen to fight

For many years, ordinary men, women and children, at work at home and at school or in hospital are being killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and other countries, ignored by the mainstream ‘news’ media which prefers to … Continue reading

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Britain’s role in the death & injury of Yemeni civilians

Above: typical of the destruction wrought by coalition air strikes July – December 2020 After taking the UK government to court over its arms sales to the Saudis, the latest CAAT newsletter (Issue 258 Winter 2020) recalls that in July … Continue reading

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