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Britain’s war – denials wear thin: defence secretary now acknowledges civilian killing by RAF

Britain is at war with more than 1600 airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. Deborah Haynes, Defence Editor of the Times reports the killing of a civilian by RAF drone in Syria. The air strike was by a Reaper drone, remotely operated by … Continue reading

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Is the British government complicit in the humanitarian crisis being unleashed on the people of Yemen?

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the coalition government licensed more than £4bn worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. Both British fighter jets and bombs are being deployed by Saudi Arabia against targets in Yemen. One instance was covered by the Guardian. … Continue reading

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What has changed since January 2009?

Written at the time: Israeli spy planes implicated in the slaughter of hundreds of civilians in Gaza are powered by engines made in the Midlands according to Amnesty International. The human rights pressure group believes that Lichfield based UAV Engines … Continue reading

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Can anyone really think that the Savile news was ‘bigger’ than killer drones?

As Simon Jenkins recently pointed out, British media has such skewed priorities that we risk becoming blind to the real issues of the day. In 2009, a West Midlands online news outlet reported Amnesty International’s concern that Lichfield-based UAV Engines … Continue reading

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