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Yemeni Parliament Votes to Ban US Drone Attacks

. On Thursday, a US drone fired several missiles into a convoy of vehicles travelling to a wedding party in central Yemen, killing at least 17 people. Yahoo adds: Most of those killed were civilians of the Al-Tays and Al-Ameri … Continue reading

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A searing ‘infographic’ shows drone death toll increasing under Obama’s presidency

Based in New York, *Mashable reports: “The U.S. drone war in Pakistan is what some of its critics have called a “shadow war,” a conflict fought largely in secret and far from public oversight. The CIA is — for now … Continue reading

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Drone proliferation – a useful but disturbing overview

A decade ago, the United States had a virtual monopoly on drones. To date only the United States, United Kingdom and Israel are known to have launched drone strikes against their adversaries. However, a few days ago a CNN online … Continue reading

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