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Why would disclosing reasons for rebranding armed drones have a chilling effect?

In 2016, defence secretary Michael Fallon announced a £100m development deal with US arms manufacturer General Atomics under which the UK fleet of armed drones will double. The new acquisitions will be variants of the Reaper, an advanced version of … Continue reading

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Accolades for Tim Martin: can the complicit British government give a rational answer to his question?

“We have no skin in the game. Politicians and war profiteers believe this makes everything more sanitary and acceptable” Tim Martin, a HVAC engineer and camera-shy freelance writer with a degree in philosophy, in his article in the Eureka Times … Continue reading

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Is the USA ‘looking to get out of the business of secret drone strikes’?

The UN has delivered a withering verdict on the US’s human rights record, reported in the Guardian. It raised concerns about issues including torture, drone strikes, the failure to close Guantánamo Bay and the NSA’s bulk collection of personal data. … Continue reading

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Protesters at RAF Waddington charged for symbolically breaching the secrecy surrounding the British use of armed drones

In April, around 400 peace campaigners marched from Lincoln to a rally at nearby RAF Waddington, to protest against armed drones being operated from Britain to conduct missions in Afghanistan. The drones were previously operated from a United States Air … Continue reading

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