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Lest we forget: the killing continues – friendly and unfriendly fire

VOA, part of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the government funded agency that oversees all non-military, U.S. international broadcasting, reported on 7th June that the United Nations is demanding an immediate end to indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian … Continue reading

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British mainstrean media downplays Britain’s role in the latest Yemeni killing

Today, the BBC reports that UN Group of Regional and International Eminent Experts on Yemen will present a report to the UN Human Rights Council next month. It says that the experts believe war crimes may have been committed by … Continue reading

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United Nations special investigation into drone strikes and targeted killings

CNN updates January reports of a United Nations special investigation which will examine drone strikes and targeted killings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It will be prepared for the U.N. General Assembly by British lawyer Ben Emmerson, the United … Continue reading

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Drone proliferation – a useful but disturbing overview

A decade ago, the United States had a virtual monopoly on drones. To date only the United States, United Kingdom and Israel are known to have launched drone strikes against their adversaries. However, a few days ago a CNN online … Continue reading

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