Death and destruction: the arms industry share prices rise


Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that, as Israel destroys the Gaza Strip, US-traded shares of its largest developer of military technology, Elbit Systems, have climbed 6.1 percent since 8 July, when Israel began its latest offensive against the Gaza Strip.

The rising stock is driven by speculation that the Haifa-based company will see increasing demand for its products from the Israeli and foreign governments impressed by the performance of its drones and other equipment in Gaza.

Truth – another casualty of war

In Twitter and Google entries, an NBC journalist reported that he or she had personally witnessed an Israeli drone attack on an out-patients’ clinic near Shifa hospital in Gaza. The eye witness report was at first included in this NBC News article, and read, “a NBC News journalist witnessed the attack on the hospital and said it had been fired by an Israeli drone.”

hospital gazaSince that report was published, though, the accusation has been ‘scrubbed’ from the article. The only evidence of the NBC journalist’s “eyewitness” accusation is the insertion of this sentence: “Early reports from the ground had said an Israeli drone appeared responsible for the attack”.

Israelis now say they have confirmed that the Gazan hospital was hit by rockets fired in Gaza by Hamas, not by Israel or an Israeli drone.

A Jewish blogger records a Palestinian media report that 10 people were killed and several injured, including children, in an explosion near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Monday afternoon. He claims that Hamas terrorists were hiding in the basement.

un headerUN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is reported as admitting that even the United Nations has no independent means to verify what is happening on ground

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that he is deeply concerned about the resumption of Israeli attacks on Gaza and has urged an immediate halt to violence in the Palestinian territory, which is in a “critical condition”, ending: “In the name of humanity, the violence must stop”.

If individuals were able to influence the development of the UN, instead of politicians with less than admirable agendas, it might indeed become stronger and build a better world. There is a link to a page describing interaction between the UN and ‘civil society’, but does this go beyond meeting, greeting and dining?

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