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Medact research and report into the health impact of armed drones

News of this 2013 report is being reported now for those who – like the writer – missed it at the time. As this site was set up in 2014, there is no reference to this significant work apart from … Continue reading

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Military historian: drone strikes seen as ‘pred porn’.

Sir Max Hastings has been called the leading voice in the anti-war sentiment: “(War) can cost an enormous number of lives and a lot of those people haven’t been killed by al-Qaeda or the Taliban but by our bombs and … Continue reading

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Media analysts Hitchens, Cockburn and Jenkins speak out against inhumane and counterproductive drone strikes

Peter Hitchens asks: “ How does David Cameron square his liberal opposition to the death penalty with executing people without trial in the middle of someone else’s desert? Patrick Cockburn wryly comments in the Independent that stupid and arrogant political … Continue reading

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‘Keeping our communities safe and reassured’ whilst Yemenis and Pakistanis live in fear

In a sane, humane world, the headline would be 19 arrests for executing civilians without trial. But Pupul Chatterjee (@pupulchatterjee) shares the news from the Staffordshire Police that 19 people have been arrested at the UAV Engines factory in Shenstone, … Continue reading

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A new form of drone warfare on the horizon?

The Japan Times reports that Yasuo Yamamoto, from Obama in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, walked into the Fukui Prefectural Police office on Friday evening and said that he had landed a drone on the rooftop of the prime minister’s office to … Continue reading

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Shame: as Afghan civilians die in airstrikes and global instability proliferates, Obama celebrates the US’ role in creating ‘a more peaceful, prosperous world’

The word ‘drone’ is not being used. See the video reporting allegations of over a hundred deaths in the last 24 hours: 23rd December: Press TV reports that dozens of people have been killed in airstrikes carried out by US-led … Continue reading

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Israeli drone commander admits killing the innocent & intends to continue

Palestinians say: “ISIS are barbaric savages but what should we call US mass murderers of civilians?” In the Daily Mail, Larisa Brown ‘humanised’ a Telegraph report which devoted a fifteen inch column to the specifications and types of Israeli drones … Continue reading

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