Afghanistan: Could Pakistani drones hit the Panjshir Valley?


A reader in Wales drew attention to this BBC article

Claims have emerged that in recent days Pakistani drones have been used to help the Taliban, by targeting anti-Taliban positions.

One of the sources was an Afghan journalist, Tajuddin Soroush, who says he was told by Panjshir Governor Kamaluddin Nizami, “that Pakistan had bombed the Panjshir valley in Afghanistan with drones.”

Iranian and Indian media have had reports alleging Pakistani involvement, including in some cases using misleading photos said to show Pakistani military hardware.

The claims have been dismissed by Pakistan, as well as by the Taliban. A spokesman for the Pakistani armed forces, General Babar Iftikhar, told the BBC they were “complete lies” and called it “irrational propaganda from India”.

“Pakistan has nothing to do with what is happening inside Afghanistan, be it Panjshir or anywhere else.”

The full article with details of Pakistan’s drone-manufacturing capability may be read here:






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