Another airstrike killing Yemeni civilians

Yesterday the Times reported that a Saudi warplanes near Yemen’s rebel-held capital struck and killed several people on Wednesday, according to medical officials. These included a group of ten women attending the funeral in Arhab, 25 miles from Sanaa, according to a spokesman for the Houthi rebel group.


Eight women and a child were amongst those killed in the airstrike officials claim. The double strike then also hit emergency workers at the scene. Footage allegedly taken at the scene showed civilians and medics struggling to claw women and children out from underneath rubble and earth.

A coalition spokesman was unavailable for comment.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen since March 2015 in order to reinstate Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, the Yemeni president, ousted by the Houthis, a Shia rebel group backed by Saudi Arabia’s long-term foe Iran.

More than 7,400 people have been killed in the two-year conflict and hospitals, schools, weddings, homes and funerals have been bombed.

Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian president who is accused by the Saudis of arming the Houthis, called for a truce in Yemen yesterday during his first visit to the Gulf since he took office in 2013. Mr Rouhani, regarded as progressive, made the comments during a fleeting visit to Oman and Kuwait, two states working to bridge the diplomatic divide between Arab countries and Tehran.

His comments echoed calls by the new UN chief António Guterres, who vowed to restart Yemen’s peace talks in a statement this week.





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