Civilians, ‘friendly’ soldiers and basic infrastructure destroyed in airstrikes

In the latest report from Iraq there are echoes of Kunduz and the Afghan government apologia following the official US line: “The Afghan government here has asked us to stay, has invited us in”.

European mainstream media (apart from BBC radio) were slow to carry reports of the 20 Iraqi soldiers from the 55th brigade of the Iraqi Army killed and the 30 injured in an airstrike carried out by the US military.

iraqi parliamentRussia Today quotes Hakim al-Zamili, head of the Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, who reports that this happened after the Iraqi troops had freed a strategically important area from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants.

Middle East Monitor reports doubts of American effectiveness against Daesh voiced in the Iraqi Parliament, following suggestions that American ground forces be sent into Iraq.

Mitigation by Command Centre in Baghdad

The Iraqi Army’s Command Centre in Baghdad insisted that the air the strike had caused fewer casualties and happened due to miscommunication and bad weather. “We [Iraqi Forces Command] had demanded aerial support from the international coalition air force. The airstrike was launched without an update on the advance of the Iraqi forces and the coalition forces were unable to distinguish between the fighters on the ground due to bad weather,” it said.

Will there be a fruitful interaction on this subject and on their humane and constructive economic policies between the British prime ministerial candidate, the Canadian PM designate and US presidential candidate Sanders?

JC 4 smalljustin trudeauJeremy Corbyn’s support for peacemaking is on record. Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister designate, has confirmed he will withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria (Watershed)

Will the humane Bernie Sanders continue President Obama’s appalling drone strikes? When asked, Sanders pointed out that killing civilians is counter-productive. Drones are “one tool in the arsenal,” he said, that have at times “clearly backfired on us.”

bernie sanders with youngHe has a Corbyn-like appeal for younger voters and when Clinton and Sanders made public appearances within days of each other in Des Moines, Iowa, Sanders drew the larger crowds, although it was Clinton’s first visit of the year.

Like Corbyn, he is attracting far larger audiences than expected. In the key state of New Hampshire, Mr Sanders now enjoys a 22% lead over Hillary Clinton according to a poll carried out last week by CBS and YouGov.

Mainstream media plays its leaders’ game, with mock horror at Russian bombings in Syria and a drone video shot over the district of Jobar showing remnants of bombed-out residential buildings, most of them with gaping holes and others with their top floors collapsed.

Will Corbyn, Trudeau and Sanders usher in a New World Order?

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