Why has news of the US drone killing in January finally been disclosed?

This morning, a reader sent this link to a Guardian report on news which ‘broke’ yesterday. Only now, for some reason, has it been disclosed that a CIA directed US drone strike, which took place in January, killed innocent hostages – not, as so often, local civilians.

drone killed children It was disclosed that the drone strike was authorized by a senior counter-terrorism official and the target was identified as a compound believed to be frequented by al-Qaida leaders.

The tragic ‘lucky dip’ approach

The report said that the drone strike aimed against anyone in the vicinity of a compound possibly being used by the terrorist group – the deterrent effect, don’t aid our enemies?

A second random drone strike in January was reported to have killed Adam Gadahn, an American whom the US suspected of having become an al-Qaida fighter.

Dianne Feinstein, the senior Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, indicated that the oversight panel had known about the mistaken drone strikes for some time: “The committee has already been reviewing the specific January operation that led to these deaths, and I now intend to review that operation in greater detail”.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued the Obama administration in March, seeking disclosure of legal documents underpinning what the administration calls its “targeted killing” program – permitting the US to kill people, including its own citizens, without trial.

Rogue state, out of control?

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