America and al-Shabab commit further drone executions without trial

Site stats say that nearly 3000 Americans have visited this site – twice as many as any other country but not large in Twitterland terms. 8500+ US visitors are recorded on an allied site. How many  of these readers would agree with Robert Greenwald (below)?

eucom logoUSA Today reports that the United States European Command [EUCOM] is currently conducting ‘daily airstrikes’ in Syria.

It is reported that on Tuesday the Syrian military claimed to have shot down the missing Predator drone which belonged to ‘European Command’.  EUCOM, an intergovernmental  military ‘combatant’ alliance based in Stuttgart, serves within NATO. It was established to provide unified command and authority over US forces in Europe.

On the basis of US ‘belief’, Adan Garar was killed by a drone missile in southern Somalia last Friday. As the BBC put it: “The US believes Garar was overseeing operations that target US persons and other Western interests“.Garar was ‘accused’ (Radio 4 8.05am today) of being ‘linked’ and ‘connected’ (Guardian) to the Westgate massacre in Kenya. The Pentagon believed Garar to be a member of the security and intelligence wing and a “key operative responsible for coordinating al-Shabab’s external operations”.

As American film maker Robert Greenwald writes: “Not one of us would stand by idly while a foreign government killed American grandmothers, children, and other innocent civilians via remote-controlled weapons that rain down death from the skies. Yet that’s precisely what the U.S. military-industrial complex has done for years, and we American citizens have let this happen in our good name. It’s time we all paid attention. It’s time we all acknowledged the immorality, the illegality, and the repercussions of U.S. drone strikes abroad”.

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