Drone wars: young gamers recruited to kill – video

drone wars recruit by videoThis is an extract from the film Drone by Flimmer Film:

“In tiny bunkers in the United States, young pilots are operating unmanned drones targeting ‘bad people’ in Pakistan. Recruited at video game fairs by military leaders who know the value of games that glamourise ‘militainment’, drone pilots are left traumatised by the civilian casualties – or ‘collateral damage’ – their strikes cause. Psychologically distanced from the enemy, are drones the future of warfare?”

Tonje Schei, Lars Løge, Jonathan Lie, Charlie PhillipsNoah Payne-Frank andJacqui Timberlake, theguardian.com

Click on the video link sent by Andy – here: http://www.theguardian.com/news/video/2015/feb/02/drone-wars-gamers-recruited-kill-pakistan-video

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One Response to Drone wars: young gamers recruited to kill – video

  1. prkralex says:

    The spiking frequency of such events serves as a red flag for an emerging safety issue facing the 21st century aviation industry and its regulators. More than two decades of military innovation has dramatically refined UAS technology, to the extent that small but sophisticated remote-controlled systems have become increasingly affordable for hobbyists on home turf, while the prospect of more widespread drone use for commercial purposes is starting to look closer to science than science-fiction. Now these commercial drones will have to deal with obstacles and busy skies.

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