Nobel Peace Laureate Obama: US will continue with drone strikes against “high-value targets” in Yemen, and negotiate with the Saudis

Despite the collapse of an allied government whose intelligence services have been crucial to the drone campaign, and the growing political power of the Houthi, the US intends to continue its military campaign in Yemen against al-Qaeda militants.

yemeni drone strike 2.14Many civilians were killed when a U.S. drone targeted vehicles, part of a wedding procession going towards the groom’s village outside Rad’a:

The FT describes the collapse of a government that has received hundreds of millions of dollars in US aid as a blow to a counter-terrorism campaign which, only a few months ago, was being hailed as a great success by the President.

The Houthi movement began as the Believing Youth (BY). After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, BY-affiliated youth began to demonstrate against the actions of the US government and Israel and eventually armed. The Houthis based in northern Yemen seized control of large parts of the capital city last September from the government headed by Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

However, US officials – according to the FT – say they have been able to forge a working relationship with the Houthis based on their mutual opposition to al-Qaeda and in October the US conducted drone strikes against those fighting for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap ) near the city of Radaa while Houthi were conducting a ground offensive against Aqap in the city.

Continuing tortuous and far from intrinsically peaceable negotiations, President Barack Obama will travel to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to pay his respects following the death last week of King Abdullah, to convince the Saudis to accept a role for the Houthis in a Yemeni government -and to persuade the Saudis not to back other separatist groups in the south of the country . . .

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