Will the Western media eventually report these drone strikes?


Today Press TV reported that 18 people were killed in drone strikes carried out by US-led forces in eastern Afghan provinces of Nuristan and Ghazni. A US-led airstrike left 10 people dead in Waghez district in Ghazni Province and eight people lost their lives in in Wanat Waygel district in Nuristan Province. Khaama, the Afghan News Agency describes the raids as being NATO-led.

strike afghanistanPicture: http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13930925001213

America’s ‘cowardice’ sparks contempt and recruits adversaries

ted rallAmerican columnist, cartoonist and author, Ted Rall, says in the Japan Times that America has a problem that afflicts both her foreign policy and domestic affairs: cowardice. An extract:

“From the outside, we look like a nation happy to inflict all manner of mayhem on people all over the world, yet unwilling to put our own precious skins in the game.

“After more than 12 years of remote-controlled aerial killer robot warfare, the statistics are undeniable: Unmanned aerial vehicles are an ridiculously sloppy assassination method that kills anywhere from 28 to 49 times more innocent civilians than targeted alleged terrorists. With the myth of accuracy thoroughly debunked, drones remain popular with the public for one reason: They don’t expose American soldiers to return fire.

Drones are the ultimate manifestation of America’s newfound risk aversion

“What we see as an advantage, however, sparks contempt among foreigners that our adversaries in this war for hearts and minds exploit in their recruitment and fundraising efforts. You see it in the faces of the Afghans and Pakistanis I have interviewed: If the United States military had any honor, they say, it would come and face our warriors man to man, on the battlefield, rather than pushing a button thousands of miles away. Every “terrorist” we blow up makes us look worse”.


Ted Rall is an American columnist, cartoonist and author. His work has been featured in a number of different publications, includingThe Los Angeles Times,The Village Voice,The New York Times, Washington Post, Rolling Stone and Mad magazine. In recent years, Rall has been a harsh critic of President Barack Obama, His work has been both praised and damned.


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