Extra-judicial CIA drone executions yesterday in Pakistan – US government’s shame

Two CIA drone strikes hitting North Waziristan in Pakistan yesterday are reported to have killed 16 people. This ended the six month pause in drone strikes of Obama’s presidency.

Bureau OI headerThough two unnamed ‘top government officials’ told Reuters the strikes were ‘launched with the express approval of the Pakistan government and army’, following the attacks on Karachi airport, the Pakistani government condemned the strikes, ministry of foreign affairs statement calling them a violation of Pakistani sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Details may be obtained by following the links given.

One disturbing rumour is that the second strike was on those rescuing people from the first strike – the ‘double-tap’ – a ‘controversial’ tactic recorded by the Bureau of Investigation.

International law flouted with impunity . . .

Related article – Bureau investigation finds fresh evidence of CIA drone strikes on rescuers

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