Now thrive the armourers and executioners

American visitors to the site were in the majority last week as they have been for months, also showing the most interest in defence-related and chemical concern sites but very little in UK political issues, agriculture and a good news site.

uk taranis droneIn response to a freedom of information request by British rights group Drone Wars UK, the Ministry of Defence admitted that UK has used American drones over 250 times to carry out previously unreported attacks in Afghanistan. Chris Cole, who maintains the Drone Wars UK blog, was for seven years the Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, a Christian peace organisation set up by conscientious objectors during the First World War and earlier a co-ordinator at Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT).

Moves afoot to lessen dependence on Israeli-US technology

In February the UK released the first footage of BAE Systems new, autonomous drone – Tiranis – named after the Celtic god of thunder. It hails the drone – capable of self-selecting targets – as “inspiration for nation”. It is jointly funded by the UK MoD and companies including Rolls Royce and General Electric.

This month, 4 Traders reported that in December European Union leaders backed the idea of creating a European unmanned drone by 2020-2025 after previous attempts by companies and countries failed due to competing national needs, corporate rivalry, technical problems and lack of government support.

Britain has refused to join forces with Airbus Group, France’s Dassault Aviation and Italy’s Finmeccanica to create the drone and reduce the region’s reliance on U.S. and Israeli technology. In a joint statement, the three firms said they would work with the governments of Germany, Italy and France for up to two years to define those countries’ requirements for an unmanned aerial vehicle, with a view to producing it by 2020.

How short-sighted are the governments who support the manufacture of drones which – with each execution – create more hatred which will rebound on their people.

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