The Secret State acts: ‘Not in our name’ !

Successful MoD Freedom of Information request by Chris Cole, of Drone Wars UK

Some time ago, the Guardian reported that nine months after a freedom of Information request by Chris Cole, the MoD has responded, releasing information about the previously secret British use of US drones – the launching of at least 39 missile strikes against suspected Taliban insurgents from American drones based in Afghanistan.

Russia Today added that the UK has used American drones over 250 times to carry out previously unreported attacks in Afghanistan – and that at least 10% of attacks carried out by British RAF pilots using American craft were not reported to parliament. It quotes part of the statement from the MoD:

“Of the 2,150 missions flown by UK personnel, there were 271 missions in Afghanistan when UK personnel utilized a US Reaper, as a UK Reaper was unavailable. During these missions, UK personnel released 39 weapons. I am withholding information about weapons released by UK personnel embedded with the United States Air Force on operations in Afghanistan and Libya under Section 27 [of the Freedom of Information Act]”.

This will be on the agenda at a forthcoming meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

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