A majority of 534 to 49 MEPs have agreed that EU States should not perpetrate unlawful targeted drone killings or facilitate such killings by other states

Comments on this Huffington Post article which implied so much more than they said:


phillip bennion2Following news of MEP concern relayed by Phillip Bennion, Jessica Elgot reports that the European Parliament resolution, sponsored by the Green group of MEPs with cross-party support, said “drone strikes by a State on the territory of another State without the consent of the latter constitute a violation of international law and of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of that country… thousands of civilians have reportedly been killed or seriously injured by drone strikes [but] these figures are difficult to estimate, owing to lack of transparency and obstacles to effective investigation”.

Green MEP and chair of the Parliament’s sub-committee on human rights Barbara Lochbihler said:

barbara lochbihler mep“MEPs have delivered a strong rebuke to the practice of targeted aerial killings outside a declared war zone, as well as the use of armed drones in war situations outside of the international legal framework.

“The EU needs to address the legal, ethical and security challenges posed by the increasing use of drones, including the urgent need to secure complete transparency and accountability.

“The resolution also stresses that EU member states should strictly refrain from participating in or facilitating extrajudicial targeted killings, for instance by sharing relevant information with countries such as the US.”

The article concludes that the UK and Germany will now come under increased pressure to disclose their involvement and tacit condoning of the US drone programme, which both have resisted, citing national security concerns.security concerns.


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