International action: FLY KITES NOT DRONES

We thank MH (Twickenham) for this lead.

Maya Anne Evans writes:

maya anne evansGreetings from Kabul where I have been living and working with the  (APV) in Kabul, a non-violent youth group dedicated to peacemaking from a grassroots level.

In solidarity with the APV and all Afghans who are having to endure regular drone strikes we are holding an international action FLY KITES NOT DRONES 21st- 23rd March 2014 to raise awareness about these strikes which are set to increase post 2014 withdrawal, in a country which is already the “drone capital of the world” and has experienced 34 years of war.

Afghans traditionally celebrate Now Ruz (New Year) on the 21st March, during which time people come together on hilltops to fly kites, an activity which became synonymous with Afghanistan but was banned under the Taliban, see this short video I recently made with the Afghan Peace Volunteers who talk about the joy and tradition of kite flying:

We are encouraging concerned citizens, whether in peace groups or not, from the Muslim and Afghan community to fly kites in solidarity with Afghans who now have to live under the mental pressure and physical destruction which British and American drones now inflict upon Afghanistan. kites not dronesThe issue of drones has heightened in the last few weeks as Pakistani drone witness Kareem Khan was kidnapped and tortured, a Yemeni drones witness has also been harassed, British Courts threw out the case of Noor Khan due to fear of causing bad relations with the US and Britain co-operates directly with the US on launching drone strikes.

Drone warfare is set to continue, we must resist now and make our voices heard.

Make your own kites (especially suitable for kids) see a basic template here:

Please join us in the first of many VCNV UK actions in resisting drones. If you would like a speaker to visit your group to talk about Afghanistan and or drones please get in touch.

Maya Anne Evans: Co-coordinator Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK –

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