Naming the dead: killed by drones in Pakistan

drones naming the deadLast month the Bureau of InvestigativeJournalism launched a new investigation into drones.

The Bureau has been collecting data on the number of CIA drone strikes in Pakistan and the numbers of people killed in each strike. Now it wants to build on this data by identifying as many as possible of those killed by these attacks.

It has launched a dedicated website – Naming the Dead – which lists the known names of those reported killed by drones in Pakistan together with as much biographical information as can be gathered.

At the launch the site listed just over 550 names, collated from media reports, court documents and academic and NGO publications. This represents little more than one in five of the 2,500 people that are reported to have been killed by drones in Pakistan.

Of the named individuals 295 are civilians, including 95 children, while 255 are alleged militants. There are only two women identified.

In the coming months the Bureau will add to this list of reported names and build on the biographical details of those identified as killed, in the hope that this knowledge will aid the public debate about both what is happening in Pakistan, and also about how this new weapon of war is being used.


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