Readers from five countries visited this website last week

oman flagReaders from five countries visited this website last week. The most unfamiliar country was Oman and it seemed good to add some information.  

Oman (i/ˈmɑːn/ oh-MAAN; Arabic: عمان‎ ‹See Tfd›ʻUmān), officially called the Sultanate of Oman (Arabic: سلطنة عُمان‎ ,Salṭanat ʻUmān), is an Arab state in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. An ‘absolute monarchy, In November 2010, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) listed Oman, from among 135 countries worldwide, as the nation most-improved during the preceding 40 years.[10]

Since 1970, Oman has pursued a moderate foreign policy and expanded its diplomatic relations dramatically. Oman is among the very few Arab countries that have maintained friendly ties with Iran.[46][47] WikiLeaks disclosed US diplomatic cables which say that Oman helped free British sailors captured by Iran’s navy in 2007.[48] The same cables also portray the Omani government as wishing to maintain cordial relations with Iran and as having continuously turned down US diplomats requesting Oman to take a sterner stance against Iran.[49][50][51]

Refs 10, 46-51


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