No peace for Yemen and Pakistan

Just as it seemed that American focus was on Syria, giving the Yemen and Pakistan a much needed period of peace, Al Jazeera reported earlier this week that drones fired two missiles on a compound in the village of Dargah Mandi in North Waziristan, destroying a house and killing seven people, one security official said. Another official put the toll at five.

One was Sangeen Zadran, the operational commander in Pakistan’s tribal areas for the Haqqani network, a group allied with the Taliban that regularly attacks U.S. forces in Afghanistan from its mountain hideouts in Pakistan

Pakistan’s foreign ministry condemned the U.S. drone strike, which caused some civilian casualties and once again violated the country’s sovereignty.

Yemenis watch and wait

Yemenis watch and wait

On the 8th it was reported that three U.S. drone strikes killed at least 11 people, part of a spate of attacks by the U.S. in the last month, according to a Yemeni military official. Since July 27, drone attacks have killed 31 suspected militants, according to an Associated Press count provided by Yemeni security officials.

Local security officials told CNN that only four of the dead in the first strike had links to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – two were civilians. This was the second time civilian casualties were reported in the last six strikes.

CNN reports that Yemen’s Tawakkol Karman, a 2011 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, condemned the attacks: “The killing conducted by unmanned planes in Yemen is outside the law and worse than the terrorist activities of individuals and groups.”

She added that the strikes are “degrading” to Yemenis and are a violation of their human rights.

The high alert in Yemen came after authorities revealed an al-Qaeda plot to target foreign embassies and international shipping lanes in the Red Sea.


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