Googlespace is prioritising news of eco drones & beneficial ‘unmanned aerial solutions’ . . . greenwash?


make-it mag drone kitThere is even a sort of fan club: MAKE magazine has put out a call for “cool drone videos”. “I know you guys have the best of those. Please send them in!”

And a ‘community’ for personal UAVs.

Reuters reports “Remote-controlled aircraft were developed for military purposes and are a controversial tool in U.S. anti-terrorism campaigns, but the technology’s falling price means it is increasingly used for civilian and commercial projects around the world”.

shadow view logoA company newly granted charitable status in the Netherlands writes: “Eco drones are to monitor, study and protect marine megafauna on the famous Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area in remote North Western Australia”.

Unmanned aerial solutions are offered  to other nonprofit organisations for humanitarian and environmental aid, protecting seals, rhinos, whales and civilians.

In Peru, archaeologists are turning to drones to speed up sluggish survey work and protect its ancient sites from squatters, builders and miners.

Is this greenwash, displacing other reports about the killing machines?


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