If drone strikes could end terrorism, it would have been extinguished in Pakistan and Iraq

As Time magazine makes fun of drone strikes to scare away defecating geese and deliver pizzas the grim reality is reported elsewhere:

drones yemen“Thousands have taken to the streets of Yemen to protest deadly US drone strikes which killed dozens of people over the last two weeks, Iranian media reported. Critics say that Washington’s secretive policy is  pushing Yemenis to favour radical groups”.

FARS news agency reported that anti-US demonstrations held in several cities across Yemen over the weekend gathered together thousands of people.

At least 37 people were killed in drone strikes in Yemen during two first weeks of August, with locals claiming that many of them were civilians.  According to the British Bureau of Investigative Journalism, US drone strikes in Yemen have claimed the lives of up to 860 people since 2002. Most of the strikes were carried out under President Obama. It could not be verified how many of those killed were in fact Al-Qaeda militants.

 Destroyed houses in the mountainous area of Arhab, north of Sanaa, Yemen

Destroyed houses in the mountainous area of Arhab, north of Sanaa, Yemen

The protestors in Sana’a are outraged by the American policy of targeted killings. They said that the attacks by remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles – frequently kill innocent civilians instead of militants. In September 2012, one such strike in eastern Yemen killed 13 civilians, including women and children. Several US officials were quoted as saying the drone apparently missed the intended target, but no official apology or acknowledgement of the mistake followed.

There is no way the targeted strikes alone could be a “viable solution” to the problem of terrorism, Rajeh Badi, an advisor to Yemen’s prime minister, told RT.

“It does not simply come down to how many deaths have been caused by the drones… A successful strategy cannot rely on sheer military force alone, because it is much more than a security threat”.

He added that if drone strikes were capable of putting an end to terrorism, it would have already been extinguished in countries like Pakistan and Iraq.


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