US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Hagel cancels creation of new drone cyber medal

Just caught up with the welcome information in Fox News reports that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has cancelled the production of a new military medal for service members involved in drone attacks and cyber warfare used extensively on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and northern Africa.

drone medalThe Distinguished Warfare Medal was created by Hagel’s predecessor, Leon Panetta, who said the new medal, reflected battlefield contributions by those operating remotely piloted aircraft and cyber systems, which have “changed the way that wars are fought and can change the course of a conflict from afar”.

Veterans of Foreign Wars and other groups sent a letter to President Obama in March, said that its high ranking was an injustice to those troops who risked their lives in battle.

The American Legion’s national commander, James E. Koutz, said that the Legion still believes there’s a fundamental difference between those who fight remotely, or via computer, and those fighting against an enemy who is trying to kill them.”

But will the biter be bitten? Cyber attacks have become a growing national security threat, with Panetta and others warning that “the next Pearl Harbor could well be a computer-based assault”.


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