General Cartwright’s advice to Obama unheeded & the CIA inflicts another drone strike on Pakistan

Last Thursday, Business Insider reported the advice of retired US Army Gen. James E. Cartwright given to President Obama at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that drone strikes may cause “blowback” – attacks on Americans provoked by covert policy decisions or operations.

The American public is shielded from the truth

Most knowledge about possible CIA-led strikes in Yemen is the result of leaks and diligent, sometimes independent, journalists and activists. The first-ever targeted strike in Yemen reportedly killed as many as 90 innocent villagers, despite supposedly targeting an “al Qaeda training camp.”

Initially, the Yemeni government took responsibility for the strikes, shielding the U.S. from international criticism and leaving the American public in ignorance of their military action. Two days later, U.S. officials acknowledged firing cruise missiles into Yemen, though Defense Department officials remained silent on their involvement.


On Friday the New York Times reported that four people were killed in northwestern Pakistan in an American drone attack on a vehicle, according to local government officials. The missiles, which were fired late on Thursday night from a drone operated by the Central Intelligence Agency, hit a moving vehicle in Datta Khel Bazar in the North Waziristan tribal region, a refuge for local and foreign militants.

“Four men inside the vehicle were killed,” a tribal official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The nationality of those killed was not immediately clear. The vehicle exploded after it was hit by two missiles, leaving the bodies charred and beyond recognition.

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