Drone strike on British high street

On the radio recently a drone attack on a high street in the south of England was announced and I froze in horror.

drones high street

The speaker went on to say that in fact the attack had taken place in Afghanistan – I suppose he was trying to bring home the reality of what is happening in our name in several countries. Gerard Bane wrote to the Friend this week, in similar vein:

“Perhaps greater concern would be given to the issue of drone casualties if it were wedding parties and children playing in their gardens and streets here in the UK that were the collateral damage.

“I guess, while it’s happening somewhere far away, it is, as the saying goes, ‘out of sight out of mind’. All warfare, to my mind, is intrinsically wrong but drones reduce the act of killing to the press of a button. This detaches the act of killing from the one who is doing it. It becomes clinical and detached, much like the actions of a psychopath”.

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One Response to Drone strike on British high street

  1. Elizabeth Way says:

    I totally agree with the comments made above about the immorality of drone strikes. They may impersonalise killing but they don’t remove the culpability.

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