As Afghans, Yemenis, Pakistanis, American Code Pink and Afghan protesters denounce US drone strikes, the White House celebrates them . . .


len aldisWe are indebted to activist Len Aldis (founder and secretary The British-Vietnam Friendship Society and member of Tower Hamlets CND) for sending the shocking news that the White House was proposing to award a newly created Distinguished Warfare Medal to drone pilots.

A search found an article by Michael Chen on ABC 10 news USA logoAmerica’s ABC 10 News: ‘US officials urged to downgrade new medal honoring drone pilots’. Writing from San Diego, Mr Chen informs readers that a petition drive is under way urging the White House to downgrade this new military medal to be awarded to drone pilots, whose remotely controlled missions have been key in ‘taking out terrorist targets’. It asks President Barack Obama to demote the medal. For the White House to consider taking action, 100,000 signatures will be needed by mid-March.

drone medalVince Vasquez, a policy analyst, points out that the new medal, which ranks above a Bronze Star and Purple Heart, “sends a message that the service of drone pilots is greater than the sacrifice of combat veterans”.

After trawling 13 pages of Google all that was seen was America’s mainstream media completely failing to question the morality of remote killing of both ‘targets’ and civilians totally outside due process of law.

‘Drone Warfare’ believes that remote killing is unjustifiable, illegal, immoral and totally barbaric.

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