The High Court blocks a full hearing about fatal drone attack

On December 21st, Jane Croft reported in the Financial Times that Noor Khan, whose father was killed by a US drone attack has been refused permission by the High Court to progress his legal case to a full hearing. There will be an appeal.

Mr  Khan alleged that employees of GCHQ had assisted US agents by supplying “locational intelligence” , enabling US agents to direct armed drone strikes in Pakistan. These actions could be viewed as criminal offences and those involved as secondary parties to murder.

As Rosa Curling, from law firm Leigh Day which represented Mr Khan, said: “This claim raises very serious questions and issues about the UK’s involvement in the CIA drone attacks in Pakistan.“

In refusing permission to pursue the challenge, Lord Justice Moses alleged that the real intention of Mr Khan and his barristers, “is to persuade this court to make a public pronouncement designed to condemn the activities of the United States in North Waziristan, as a step in persuading them to halt such activity.”

The issue of CIA drones killing innocent civilians is also being pursued before the Peshawar High Court in Pakistan.

 Another account:


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