The drone’s-eye view, by dronestagram

More on our post, Drone Information: a reader in Moseley sent a link to a record of drone strikes – the most recent entry follows:

There was also a link to further information from James Bridle at

“We are attempting to build a 1:1 map of the world through satellite and surveillance technologies, that does allow us to see these landscapes, should we choose to go there. These technologies are not just for “organising” information, they are also for revealing it, for telling us something new about the world around us, rendering it more clearly.They include satellite mapping and social photo sharing from handheld devices”


Dronestagram posts images from Google Maps Satellite view to Instagram, and syndicates this feed to Tumblr and Twitter, along with short summaries of each site in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. You can follow Dronestagram at any of these locations.

Drones are in constant use in Afghanistan by British and American forces. Neither release any regular information about their use. The RAF has not even posted a public operations update since mid-September, which in any case only refer vaguely to reconnaissance, while Defence Minister Phillip Dunne was recently forced to admit in the Commons that UK drones have been used in almost 350 attacks in Afghanistan since 2008 (that’s a drone strike every four days), and recently moved to double the size of its fleet of reaper drones.


If you feel strongly about these issues, follow @dronestagram on Instagram and Twitter and please sign Drone Wars UK’s petition to end the secrecy around British drone strikes.

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