The President really needed by America – and the rest of the world – denounces drone warfare

An admirable politician: former presidential candidate, Senator Dennis Kucinich

A sister site recorded his words:

“I opposed the war in Libya, not only because it was unconstitutional, but it was and is unconscionable for America to precipitate or take sides in a civil war, spending perhaps billions in an ongoing war while we have so many pressing needs here at home. We went in because we were told a massacre could occur, yet civilian casualties in Libya mounted after the U.S. and NATO attacked.

Later it reported his visit of mediation to Syria which caused the Washington Post’s editorial board to accuse him of “taking the side of Syria’s murderous dictator”. Kucinich said the Post was using “demonizing prose” to whip up fresh conflict:

“The Washington Post Editorial Board rejoins the march of folly that has in the past decade fueled a misguided approach to conflict resolution and democracy building that has left America with thousands of dead young soldiers, over a million dead civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and the surrounding region, trillions of dollars of debt, and a new generation of terrorists”.

Kucinich has agitated for the United States to be open about its covert wars, and is also trying to introduce a Bill that would outlaw the assassination of American citizens by US agencies like the CIA.

On the day that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism spoke with him, a UN expert in Geneva had just labelled a CIA drone tactic used in Pakistan as ‘a war crime’.

From the Bureau’s report we learn that in June 26 members of the US Congress wrote to President Obama recently urging him to get a grip on his use of drones as ‘faceless ambassadors that cause civilian deaths’.  Kucinich said:

“When you bring together dozens of members of Congress in a common statement about a US policy that lacks a legal basis, that doesn’t have transparency, then, I think, people start to take notice . . .

“I think it is only a matter of time before the international discussion on this makes it crystal clear that if the drone programs are not shut down, then what we are looking at is the potential of war of all against all, a pulverisation of national sovereignty and a rejection of the structure of international law . . .

“(U)nder the Obama administration it is the derogation to the executive of the power to strike at any nation at any time for any reason. Expanding drone wars across Africa, across the Middle East, and I think ultimately risking blow-back . . .

“(R)emember, if the whole idea is that we are exporting American values, those drones represent American values. And now we are telling the world that American values are summary executions, no rights to an accused, no arrest process, no reading of charges, no trial by jury, no judge, only an executioner.

“If you have only an executioner that is not justice, that is something else. Not only the United States but the world community should be properly appraised about these so-called targeted killings. And because the emphasis is on killing, this is murder”.

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