Who is responsible for recording and documenting the names of the civilians killed by drones?

“Full and detailed casualty recording not only puts the human consequences of armed conflict into the public record, it addresses the rights of victims and their families, assists conflict-affected populations, and is essential to lesson-learning by governments, militaries, and other parties to conflict.

The Every Casualty programme at the Oxford Research Group has published a large study into casualty recording practice worldwide which examines the work of 40 practitioner groups and individuals working in different conflict and post-conflict environments.

The research was funded by the Swiss Government and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). The findings, published in a series of papers into practice and an additional policy paper, ‘Towards the Recording of Every Casualty’, were launched at USIP’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. on 22 October.

It finds that the global state of casualty recording is currently inadequate, with civil society organisations stepping in to fill the gap as best they can. In Syria, for example, civil society groups are systematically documenting, compiling and regularly publishing details of casualties in the on-going crisis, filling the gap left by parties to the conflict.

This site would like to see civilian deaths from drone attacks recorded separately, to put the human consequences of the remote-controlled pay-station aggression into the public record.

Read the whole article here or on the Nato Watch website.

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